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Ortho 2
Dental Referrals... Three Keys to Thriving Referral Relations
With multiple options for mining patient referral sources, a professional relations program may lose its priority status in your practice. 
Observation Patients - Keeping Them in the Fold
A vibrant Kids Club program will create loyalty for both parent and child when the time comes for
selecting an orthodontist. 
Surveys Are a Marketing Tool
Creative survey tactics can reap rewards for your orthodontic practice, including increased awareness for areas of improvment and communication opportunities with youe respondents.
Boost Your Marketing in the Stratosphere
Increase patient and professional referrers' involvement in your oral hygiene rewards program by following a protocol that guarantees all parties are fully aware of your efforts. 
Planning a Dynamic Marketing Calendar
Thriving ortho offices share common goals: vision of desired patient flow, variety of selected strategies, and implementation of a task list and  tracking of rerral strategy efforts. 
Igniting Your Referrals
A small adjustment in your current initiatives combined with fresh strategies may result in renewed interest in referrals to your practice. 
Winning Marketing Initiatives
Developing innovative promotions that keep your referring dental offices excited about your services is a challenge. Put your best assets to work by having a designated marketing staff.
Orthodontic Products Magazine
A Strong "Benefits List" Benefits You!
Every practice can create an advantageous reputation with a dynamic benefits list and strong support backing it up.
Next Step: Expansion
The first office is the foundation upon which your practice is built, because the success of that first office will lead to your second and third and so on. 
Count on Your Team for Practice Success! 
Reevaluate the cureent state of your practice's success and turn toward your team to build the practice you've always dreamed of: faboulous production numbers combines with low overhead.
Benston Clark reSource
Diversify Your Promotion Pipeline
DDS referrals are down. This is your chance to innovate. Your practice requires a promomotion strategy that engages your patients, staff and referring dentists.
A Community Involvement Approach to Practice Growth
This article focuses on a full team approach to community involvement. Reaching out to your local schools and civic group relies on  multiple team members in a focused effort. 
Scripting Professional Referral Points for Maximum Impact
Let's examine three key areas of the professional relations vist that emphasize your Best attributes and answer the question: "Why you?"
Dental Referrals are Declining... Halt the Trend!
Dive back into halting the decline of dental referrals by preparing marketing materials to distribute, planning gift giving and educating your target list with variety of marketing opportunities.
Establishing an Aggressive Marketing Vision
I had the privilege of consulting with several orthodontists on the path to retirement, either wishin to maximize the sales price when selling or having a sibling enter the pratice after training.
Maximizing Case Acceptance with a Creative Twist
Increasing case acceptance in these turbulent economic times requires an extra measure of creativity beyond the traditional tools of the trade. 
Driving New Patient Flow
Adding a practice representative can help increase patient flow. They initiate and develop relationships between your practice and referring and potentially referring profesional contacts. 
Advanced Approach to Case Acceptance
Today’s savvy orthodontic practices create well-planned marketing systems to ensure that the phone is ringing with new patient calls. 
Increase Referrals through School Promotions
Marketing directly to your current patient population and reaching out to local schools and your community are effective ways to expand your referral outreach. 
Professional Relations... Going the Extra Mile
It is time to add “big tent” productions to your marketing calendar. Look at larger events that gather your referrals at one location for educational and/or social purposes. 
Practice Concerns... Your Panel of Experts Weigh In!
I’ve assembled a panel of experts to share their strategies related to these important practice growth inquiries. 


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