"Nancy was extremely professional, knowledgeable, organized, enthusiastic and charming"

The remote training is for practices that want to jumpstart referral systems and invigorate the new patient enrollment process.
View our coaching modules below for more information. Ask Nancy if this option is right for you. 


Modules include: coaching calls, including detailed written directions, all samples, letters, scripts and instructions.

Segment A: Why You? Benefits of Choosing (Name) Orthodontics

Create dynamic reasons to choose your practice whether as a patient or professional referral source. Nancy will work with your team to create a custom list and walk through utilization in several segments of your practice- professional referral presentations, the initial patient phone call and the patient enrollment process.

Segment B: Club Braces

Design a dynamic club for observation/Phase I to Phase II and siblings. Keep this all-important segment of your potential patient pool engaged in your practice. This program is designed to insure loyalty when the Club Braces member is ready to start treatment. Club Braces moves beyond traditional recall programs and provides specific kid-pleasing activities, insuring increased patient enrollment and enthusiastic fans!

Segment C: Patient Enrollment Superstars 

Engage your team in patient enrollment, encouraging participation by the front office team, Treatment Coordinator and Doctor. This multi-point plan will walk you through winning patient enrollment strategies from the initial phone call to a signed fee agreement.  

Segment D: Club Smile

This program combines oral hygiene compliance rewards by your active patients and Club Braces members with a rewards program for participating hygiene professionals. An education segment for the entire GP team is included, as well as roll-out strategy to your parents and patients. Club Smile is a win-win for patients and professional referrer’s.

Segment E: Patient Ambassadors

Turn your patients and parents into raving referral machines! Multiple strategies to guide and encourage your patients to bring family and friends to your practice. Build a strong referral base and maintain enthusiasm with unique activities, rewards and “super” drawings.

Segment F & G: 

Professional Referrals: Engage your professional referrer’s and create entrenched relations with this important referral segment. Move beyond “muffin runs” and develop a GP marketing calendar that promises to maintain interest and excitement about you practice. Keep your practice ”top of the mind”  with a creative twist!  creative twist! 


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